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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kakamega woman seeks man

Sex: female
Age: 34
Status: single
Occupation: employed
Smoker: smoker
Place of residence: Kakamega
From: Western
What I am looking for: Occasional meetings

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Naija man seeks fling



LOOKING FOR:sex mate

LIKE:licking pu***

DISLIKE:fat women

FALSE NAME:sweet dick

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Man from Western Kenya wants fun-loving woman

Location: Western,Kakamega
Gender: Male
Looking For: Fun,love,friendship (females only)
What i like: Watching,partying,making out,travellin
What i dont like: Snobs,braggarts,spoilt brats n extreemists.
False name: Little Boy
Other details: I prefer mature ladies who understand the basic
principle of dating, u either like someone or u dont.playing hard to
get is a lame game better left for kids n the immature ones

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Karen man seeks friendship before Lungula

location: nairobi ,karen

gender: male

looking for: freindship,,mtb relationship...lungula

what i dont like: liars,gold diggers..

name in fb: mlungulajii mzurii

name: george

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Nairobi man seeks sugar mummy

Location: Nairobi
Gender: male
Looking for: sugar mummy
What I don't like:MADHARAU
My false name:REAGAN

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Rongo man seeks small butt woman


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Nakuru man looking for under 25 woman

Looking for:A lady...aged 18-25
What I like:Loads
What I don't like:More
My false name:William

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Umoja man looking for a wife

Location: umoja 1, male, looking 4 wifey, i lyk str8 4ward chics, i don't lyk wannabez. Name:T.j.

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Nigeria man looking for cool headed lady

: Nigeria, male looking for female, I don't like lousy girls, i like cool headed and understanding girls. lolacool

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Man seeks smart intelligent woman

Location: Nairobi
Looking for:Sex and relationship
what I like:Smart inteligent and straight to the point ladies.
What i dont like:Liars
Fake name: Hover
Real name: Jacob

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Ukunda South Coast man seeks shaky booty woman

Good romance and good sex. In my woman, i would like a very charming lady, very naughty in romance who loves oral sex and good you know what. medium size and shaky booty and a flexible waist. chocolate colour prefferable a cute lady from nyanza altho can do with any. I hate lazy women who just lie on bed waiting for service. I am located at Ukunda in south coast.

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Nairobi man hates women who play hard to get

Location.Nairobi,male,lukin 4 sex,i like cute chics with big ass n hips,i hate chics who play hard 2 get.

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Kisumu South Man seeks one-night-stand woman

Looking for:Chiqs
What I like:Girls
My false name: Sumy
Any other detail:I am looking for sex coz am already in a relationship.

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Jo'burg Man seeks casual relationship

Hi im a 24 year old guy,tall,dark,im a preacher,im single and horny,im
free on friday,to hook up with a woman around jo'burg from 11am to
4pm,i want sex with a good woman,with no strings attached,she must be
calm reserved and matured.

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Man in Nigeria seeks woman

nigeria male seeks willing female. Contact me for more details.

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Nairobi man seeks rich woman

Location -Nairobi
Gender -Male
Looking for -a rich sugarmummy
What I like -Reading ,Music n football
What I dont like -Pretenders
My false name-Georgez
Other details -23 year old fun looving Kenyan guy. Come find out more for ya self!

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London man seeks non-smoking woman

Location: London

Gender: Male

Looking for: Women

What I like: Staying indoor & watch tv

What I don't like: Smoking & drinking

My false name: Agoro

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Nakuru man wants one-night-stand woman

lookin for-sexmate,1 nyt stand,sugarmama.
What i lyk-mature women,stable working women,simple n straigit forward
what i dont like-complex women,liars n goldiggers
my false name-shinski
my real name-ricky
other details-am a yung masculine guy who loves mature sexy women.

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Nakuru man seeks mature woman that he will not dissapoint

looking for-sexmate,1 nyt stand,relationship,sugarmama,mature women.
What i like-mature stable women,simple straight forward ladies.
What i dont lyk- liars,gold diggers,complex women.
My false name-ricky
real name-enrike
any other details-am a masculine young guy who loves mature women and
i dont dissapoint.

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Durban man seeks sexy woman

Location: Durban (Umlazi).

Gender : Male.

Looking for: Sex.

What I like: clean sexy lady.

What I don't like: gold diggers.

False name : DJ momozi.

Real name : M'sah.

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Festus seeks a fling


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nairobi male seeks female

LOCATION: Nairobi Kenya


LOOKING FOR: One sexy,beaurifal,romantic,loving n caring,with a sense of style young girl.

WHAT I DONT LIKE:Being less romantic,less caring,silly nagging,embarassment n being LESS GOOD IN BED!


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Nairobi man seeks casual relationship

location: nairobi, kenya

gender: male

looking for: discrete sexual relationship

what i like: a healthy lady up for anything

false name: SIDE DISH

any other detail: she should be over 25 years old.

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Man hates mpango wa kando

LOCATION: nairobi

GENDER : male

LOOKING FOR: relationship and sex

WHAT I LIKE: music,watching,raving,travel,sex and anything interesting

WHAT I DONT LIKE : haters,dumped,mipango ya kando


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Nakuru man seeks true love who doesn't drink


gender: male,

looking for: relationship,

what i like: christian,

what i dont like: she should not drink alcohol,

my false name: benranks,

i'm working as a database administrator.

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Malawi man seeks love

my name is Noel Kaponya and am located in Blantyre Malawi. am a fine guy I think, and i know I like open and honest people. And what I don't like is being lied to. Contact me for more information.

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Female seeking man 34 yrs and above, Tall, dark


Likes:34yrs n above, 6ft,dark.

Don't like:under that age Watsever

looking for :wat singles look for

false name ::SHIRU BENS

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Nigeria man likes girls a lot



I like gals

I hate stayin without music

D viper

U can fill the rest by urself 4 me ok

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Eldoret man seeks sexy woman



Looking for:-sex

What I like:-any woman so long as sexy

What I don't like:-very heavy women

My false name:-mselah

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Kilimani man seeks woman

Location: Kilimani, Nairobi

Gender: Male

Looking for: Sex

what i like: i like being real

what i dnt like...people who are not real

false name:pussy master

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Soccer lover seeks woman

Male looking for a female any age.

Am in mombasa i like watching football and movies. i also like swimming and i love going to the beaches. just call me BUX as my false name.

I love sex, I have a high sex drive and believe me thats where i score most. To me any gal will do am looking for both sex and a serious relationship.

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Kisumu man looking for big woman


Looking for:anything

What I like:i like big chicks

What I don't like:nagging

My false name:fish

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Nairobi man seeks wild girl

Looking for:female
What I like: making wild love
What I don't like: being nagged
My false name:dj
Real name: (Optional)henri
Any other details: (Optional). am a investor in entertainment industry

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Dar Man wants charming woman

Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Gender: Male
Looking for: Female
What I like: charming
What I don't like: too short
My false name: Karibu Hapa
Real name: (Optional)
Any other details: (Optional)

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Nigeria man seeks honest woman



looking for:fun

what i like:Honesty

what i don't like:Dishonesty

false name:Kendo

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Eldoret man seeks fun-loving woman

Location: eldoret


Looking for: sex and lots of games betwee the sheets no strings attached

What I like: 1on1 sex, and the group one especially.

What I don't like:

My false name: vokelungula

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Dar-es-salaam man seeks woman

Am in Dar es salaam, ma false name is joao, ma true name is donald, i like sexy stories,i dislike lies! Just get in touch for much more info about handsome good looking me who knows how to treat a lady.

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Man seeks older woman



Looking for: a wealthy sugar mama

What i like :cars

My false name:joaquim

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Mombasa man seeks woman: Big booty a must

Location; Mombasa

Gender; Male

Looking For; Sex/Relationship(Any)

What i like; Mostly a lady who is kind, wild, fun to be with luving, she has to have a big booty, please that is a must,skin complexion any but pretty.

What i don't like; some one whose a liar thats it.

My False Name; aka facebook Name; is Adam Ludii

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Woman seeks 45 year old man

Am based in Kitale, and I am looking for mature but very romantic men for sex
or just to hang out with. I havent had good sex in a long time now and
am dying for quality passionate time. I hate lousy kissers and those who also work on da backside of a nice gal instead of jst the front.

Can suck and lick your (you know what) like it was chocolate lollipop, would
enjoy covering a mans body with choc syrup and licking hm clean...

So if you are out there 45 and above then lets hook up. Kisses

Empress Afrika.

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Nairobi man dreams of Carol Nyege

Location: nairobi
Looking for:a hot chic for sex
What I like:hot,sexy gal who loves having fun,sex,open person
What I don't like:pride
My false name: david

Any other details: (Optional) I love havin fun,
Sorry to say this but,I'd be glad if it were u Carol!or any other person!

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Enugu man looking for a relationship

Locatn: enugu

gender: male loking for a relationship.

What i like: i lik to b myself at al times.

What i dislike: i hate boasting, i hate lies and forming.

False name:ernessy.

other details: i sch in enugu, i.m a student of i.m.t. In coal-city enugu!

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Man looking for slim girls

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Gender: Male

Looking for: Sex partner

What I like: slim but voluptuous girls hu knw hw to gv it to me real gud

What I don't like: Stalkers

False name: Red devil

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Dandora man seeks woman

I stay in nairobi,dandora.i want a chick between the ages of 19-25 who will give me hat a woman gives to a man to the maximum. am crox.i luv raving n the game I hve just talked about.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Man looking for woman who is not a liar

Location: Nairobi

Gender: Male

Looking for: games between the sheets, friendship, dating, 21 and above years old, Preferrably working lady.

What I like: Movies, Music, Football, hanging out

What I don't like: liars

My false name: vasscco

Any other details : I am working, responsible, good looking.

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Stay away if you are mamas boy

Location: Nairobi


Looking for: A serious relationship

What I like: Men of humour, serious with life and mature, no nonsense guys.
A guy who knows where to take a lady,(not to river road digs) good company, smart guys.

What I don't Like: Unpolished guys, one who is slow in making decisions and have to always consult others, mamas boys.

My false Name: Lone Eagle

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Seeks women in Nakuru and Nairobi

Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Gender: Male
Looking for: Women to have a good time in Nakuru or Nairobi.Especially Nakuru
What I like: Intelligent, caring, happy. Should be physically fit with enough stamina.
What I don't like: Show offs, Women who dont knw what they want.
My false name: Prince

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Man seeks older woman

Location: Nairobi
Gender: Male
Looking for: sexy lady preferably sugar mummy
What I like: I like it with older women who enjoy
What I don't like: Homos
My false name: Kazungu

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Athi River man seeks woman

looking for:women
For adult fun and games
what i like:fun and games 4 adults
my false name: lofty.
Hey hw can i send u my 4to i'm in shagz and my comp is down
natumia 4n?

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Man who is fun to be with seeks woman

Location: NAIROBI
Gender: MALE
Looking for: a good time with a lady
What I like: outings and real fun without resisting
What I don't like:pretenders
My false name: oldie
Real name: kev.
Any other details: am fun to be with just try me!!

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

My screen name will tell you why I am here

bisexual female

screen name: ILuvSxFxOnMe

location: Pennsylvania, USA

age 29

height 6'2 (188cm)

weight 160 lbs (73kg)

body type athletic

smoking socially

drinking often

race Caucasian

occupation Modeling

children no

Hello Gentelmen, and Ladys. I am going to make this short and sweet. All you have to do is read my screen name and that will tell you why I'm here. I travel a lot with my work so I don't have the time, or want to make the time, for anything long term. I am looking for someone to fulfill my needs when I am here at home, with no strings attached. If that sounds like you, drop me a line,with a photo please. Yes, size matters.

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Man in Nigeria Looking for caring woman

Location; Nigeria

Gender; Male,

Looking for a caring sugar mama,

What i like; someone who has a good heart and ready to accept me as a person.

False name; Prince

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Man hates delayed hook ups

Am looking 4 an older lady in Nairobi,who is really starved of u know wat. She should be preferebly from ages 27 to 47,and be willing 2 help me financially.I want her 2 be possessive,I want to be her s** toy and be committed 2 her.AM READY 4 ANYTHING TO GET ONE SUCH WOMAN.Am 22 yrs old and in university,location is Nairobi,Lang'ata..
And what I don't like is delayed hook up,4 am always ready,I WANT THAT WOMAN,and I know she needs me..
You can call me right away..thanx,am waiting 4 a hook up..

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Andrew is searching in Mombasa

Gender: Male

Lookin for: Females in Mombasa who wanna have a good time.

there is somthing that I think about most day and want it most day. If u are like me get in touch, if u are a pretender, dont bother.

What i like: all good thigs that life can offer

What i dont like: Pretenders

Real Name: Andrew.

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Seeking financially stable man

location : nairobi,kenya
gender : male
looking for : any gal who is older dan me n
financialy stable btw im 22 myself.
wat i like : understanding caring sexy easy
laving n gud in bed women
wat i dont lyk : pretenders jokers naggers n
false name : cute guy
real name :
ada details :

im 22 n want a hot mama who is gud in bed n should b financially stable.

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Coming to Africa soon

Am 65 and the kind of fun-loving person men find hard to resist. I am coming to Kenya soon. Maybe after the summer holidays here. I am looking for a man who will help me explore Africa. Preferably Masai but I will consider non-Masais too. I will know you are the one the minute I see you so you must have a good recent photo that I can look at (no tricks). A computer with a webcam will be a huge advantage boys.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Woman seeks men who love lollipops

I have been dishonest and shy before and I hve suffered as a result. So I choose to bite the bullet this time and be brutal in my honesty.

Am 45 years old and I have this thing abt men who luv a woman's lollipop and can enjoy it for hours on end. I know this is boring to most guys and that is why I am luking for that very special man to have a good time with. More details in the email version of these ads.

It will be well worth the while of that special man but I don't want any pretenders or gold diggers.

Contact me for more details.

Man seeks woman with sizeable melons

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Gender: Male

Looking for: Women to have a good time

What I like: Intelligent, caring lady with a sense of humour and a little bit naughty. Should be physically beautiful, have sizeble boobs and a beautiful ass.

What I don't like: nagging ladies, this is discreet and lets make it that way

My false name: love it

Real name: (Optional)
Any other details: (Optional)

Contact me now for more details.

South B man looking for fun-loving girl

Location: Nairobi, south B

Gender: Male

Looking for: Female

What I like: Sexy, outgoing and loves having fun, good dancer

What I don't like: pretenders

My false name: Tim

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Man looking for older woman

Gender:Male (22 yrs)
Looking for:An older lady,preferably from ages 28 and above,who is starved of (u know wat). Am here 4 her and ready 2 work on her.I want 2 be her *** toy..

What I like:Am 4 real,so if she's out there,all I need is her trust and openness,2gether with submission 4 am ready 2 submit 2 her.

What I don't like:The fact that I might be hooked up with some1 who doesn't exist.I want this 2 be real,with a good,sexy,older woman in need 4 sex.Am ready 4 anything.
False name:Hot guy.
Real name:Rodgers.

Contact me now for more details.

Mombasa hot dude Looking for hot mamsile

am chicharito daniels in mombasa, a hot dude lukin for a hot mamsila for a date or even a hot cougar..i need one can u connect me with one..my no will be revealed to all those interested..thanks.

cougars are very welcomed i need one badly.

Contact me now for more details.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Seeking Husband: South B, Nairobi Kenya

I am looking for a serious man to be my friend with the intention of ending up as my husband. He must be financially stable working for somebody (no businessmen please).

He must be good with children and preferably widowed although I really don't mind because if you are the right person I will know you fairely quickly. You must be willing to send me your photo before you see mine.

Contact me now for more details.

Attractive woman seeks mature minded man: Nyari West, Nairobi Kenya

A woman my age has the experience to know exactly what she wants and the wisdom to realize that time is extremely short.

And so you will find me very impatient and rude when you bore me but always eager to have fun and a good time and to give and take with fairplay at the topmost of my mind. The picture above is not me but it will give you a good idea of exactly what to expect. I am in my early 30s and am seeking a man who is mature enough (age does not matter as long as they are mature enough to understand and handle a women my age and especially me).

I loathe braggarts but love humourous confident men who know their way around the anatomy of the fairer gender. I also know that they are very difficult to find and that is why this is really a shot in the dark hoping for the best.

P.S. Once we establish contact please don't be a pest bothering me every hour of the day or night. Just give me my space and allow me to either get back to you or not. Most of all respect my verdict knowing that I will never change my mind once I have decided. Thank you.

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Full Blooded Masai Man seeks white woman

I am a full blooded real Masai man looking for a mzungu (white) woman who wants to learn deeply about Masai culture and how we treat white women nicely.

I am educated and can speak fluent English which make communication very easy and pleasant. I also use computer and email and also cell phone.

Looking for serious woman only who wants unforgettable xperience.

Hurry and get in touch.

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Kind brat from Kampala wants white or light skinned half cast women

Location:Kampala, Uganda
Gender: Male
Looking for:Women to have a good time
What I like: Intelligent, caring white woman with a sense of humour who should know how to treat an African man. Should be physically fit with enough stamina. (If you don't understand what I mean then you obviously don't have it.)
What I don't like: Loud show offs. Women who don't know what the following words means; NO, MAYBE, WE WILL SEE.
My false name:kind brat
Real name: (Optional)
Any other details:
I strictly need Whites or light skinned halfcasts.

Contact me now please

I want a girl from Nakuru


I want a gal age between 18 and 23 years old and from Nakuru in Kenya.

She shud be brown, not tall and have a sexy body shape!


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Tornado: Nairobi


LIKES:understanding me n understanding yu makes 1 full person
LOOKING FOR:fling wid nah strings attached.may lead 2 a working relationshp
photo:look in fb TORNADO MUTWIRI

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Hot guy with a soccer star's name: Nairobi

Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Gender: male
Looking for: women to have a good time
What I like: Good looking woman, kind and ready to have fun
What I don't like: very big women, too much make-up, bad mannered women
My false name: Hot guy
Real name: (Optional)
Any other details: (Optional)

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Conner O Bill: Nairobi

Looking for:woman for a long term relationship
What I like:a caring supportive woman, one with a good sense of humor and joyful, beautiful, mature, hardworking at peace with herself and God, meek and quiet in spirit and considers homemaking a high and noble call.
What I don't like:a nagging woman who has no respect to herself and others, extravagant
My false name:Conner O Bill
Real name:
Any other details: we will discuss with the chosen one.

Get in touch with me now

Ali Nasher: Dubai



Looking for: female

What I like:hot sexy chics

What I don't like:lazy worried chics

My false name:aree

Real name: (Optional)
Any other details: (Optional)

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Dick Star: Nairobi, Westlands

Location: nairobi, westlands
Gender: male
Looking for: older female for a good time
What I like: party, arts
What I don't like: sadists
My false name: starr
Real name:
Any other details:

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Hot dude: Nairobi

Location: Nairobi

Gender: Male

Looking for: Female Companion for fun and a good time

What I like: smart, well dressed, medium sized, proud of what you are kind of a person

What I don't like: fat, big mouthed ladies.

My false name: hot dude.

Contact me now

Davi: Nairobi Madaraka/Nrb west, Kenya

Location: Nairobi Madaraka/Nrb west, Kenya
Gender: Male
Looking for: Gals to have a good time
What I like: Intelligent, caring gal with a sense of humour who should know how to treat a man whp loves sex. Should be physically fit with enough ........... (If you don't understand what I mean then you are obviously not intelligent.)
What I don't like: Loud show offs. and proud ladies who think they are so special
My false name: Davi
Real name: (Optional)
Any other details: Business minded n working n studying.

Contact me now

Davinci Looking for "mpango wa kando"

HI my name is Davinci and I am from Thika in Kenya.

I like basketball and loving a woman.

What I don't like are ugly girls who are weak and ack stamina when it matters.

I am looking for a chic preferably slim just for mpango wa kando.

Contact me now

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How to find a date FAST


Carol Nyege here.

I'll help you find a super date so fast that it will make you dizzy... and it is so easy. Here is all you have to do;

Simply Send an email NOW with the following details;

Looking for:
What I like:
What I don't like:
My false name:
Real name: (Optional)
Any other details: (Optional)

(see example at the bottom of this page to help you fill in these details)

You can attach a photo of you or one that gives a good idea of what or who you are. Illustrations also accepted. Just attach them to your email

Send your details now to carolnyegead@gmail.com and you will receive an instant reply.

That's it. Leave the rest to me.

BUT kindly note the following:

1. The details you send to me via email will be published here in this blog (How else will your prospective dates know about you?)

2. The details you send me will be sent via email to all our members. Emails go out every week. This is yet another way your hot date will be able to find you very fast.

Example to help you fill in the details above that will create a great ad:

Location: Mombasa, Kenya
Gender: Female
Looking for: Men to have a good time
What I like: Intelligent, caring man with a sense of humour who should know how to treat a lady. Should be physically fit with enough stamina. (If you don't understand what I mean then you are obviously not intelligent.)
What I don't like: Loud show offs. Fat pot bellied men. Men who don't know what the following words means; NO, MAYBE, WE WILL SEE.
My false name: hot mama
Real name: (Optional)
Any other details: (Optional)

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