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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How to find a date FAST


Carol Nyege here.

I'll help you find a super date so fast that it will make you dizzy... and it is so easy. Here is all you have to do;

Simply Send an email NOW with the following details;

Looking for:
What I like:
What I don't like:
My false name:
Real name: (Optional)
Any other details: (Optional)

(see example at the bottom of this page to help you fill in these details)

You can attach a photo of you or one that gives a good idea of what or who you are. Illustrations also accepted. Just attach them to your email

Send your details now to carolnyegead@gmail.com and you will receive an instant reply.

That's it. Leave the rest to me.

BUT kindly note the following:

1. The details you send to me via email will be published here in this blog (How else will your prospective dates know about you?)

2. The details you send me will be sent via email to all our members. Emails go out every week. This is yet another way your hot date will be able to find you very fast.

Example to help you fill in the details above that will create a great ad:

Location: Mombasa, Kenya
Gender: Female
Looking for: Men to have a good time
What I like: Intelligent, caring man with a sense of humour who should know how to treat a lady. Should be physically fit with enough stamina. (If you don't understand what I mean then you are obviously not intelligent.)
What I don't like: Loud show offs. Fat pot bellied men. Men who don't know what the following words means; NO, MAYBE, WE WILL SEE.
My false name: hot mama
Real name: (Optional)
Any other details: (Optional)

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