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Monday, July 18, 2011

Man seeks female to l**t with

gender:male seakin:female,to lust with age:24 relationshp:single looks:brown sknd,5.5ft tall,hndsome... hate:cheating real name:ali omar

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Looking for Kahawa woman

i am called evans omondi my real name based in kahawa wendani and looking for a dating partner in nairobi specifically within my environment. i like straightforward people and dislike pretenders. help me find a companion if you can coz things arent going well 4m, thanx.

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Looking for mature professional women with no time for relationships

Location: Nairobi
Gender: Male
Looking for: Mature professional women with no time for relationships, unattached fling
What I like: Mature women
What I don't like: People who dont have an open mind
My false name: Shey

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Junior wants willing Nairobi woman

I have just gone through your block and i wish to send these details
Location: nairobi
Looking for: A woman
Name: Junior

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man who can't spell seeks woman


WAT I LIKE;Being one self............know wats your here for
WAT I DONT LIKE;Pritender,

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Woman seeks intelligent man

Am a woman looking for a man. The huge advantage I have is that I understand men and their needs. That is why every man who contacts me will get a photo that shows everything but my face. Intelligent men will grasp exactly what I mean and I do have a weakness for intelligent guys. I work in finance for a major corporate concern in Nairobi and so you needn't worry that I am the wrong kind of woman selling something that real men don't like to buy. I am the right kind of woman for a fun-loving energetic guy who does not mind an older woman. Contact me for much more details and straight talk.

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Man would not mind younger or older woman

hi carol. I was so hapy 2 knw that u rly care about ua pals. Pls l wld like 2 join u. Am jack, 35, male luking 4 a mature lady from 28 to 40 for a relationship(a lover) use jak as my false name. Thanks

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Buru Buru man does not like sick ladies

Location: Nairobi (Buruburu)
Gender: Male
Looking for: Female, good sex
What I like: Making love and good sex
What I don't like: Sickness (sick ladies)
My false name: Jaymoh

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Hates fat pot-bellied women

Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Gender: Male
Looking for: Woman to have a good time and take care of me financially
What I like: Intelligent, caring woman who should know how to treat a man. Should be physically fit not too fat just a good size
What I don't like: Loud show offs. Fat pot bellied woman.
My false name: Jose

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Malawi man wants girl friend

Location: Blantyre ,Malawi
Gender: Male
Looking for: A Girlfriend
What I like: Listening to music and reading scientific books relating to my proffessional
What I don't like: To have a date who is untrust-worthy.
My false name:Freeman

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Nigerian man seeks sugar mama


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Kyles seeks sugar mama

Call me Kyles and am a He looking for a nice looking generous sugar mama who can take care of me and I'll reciprocate by satsfying all her needs accordingly.
I like partying,socialising,travelling and am an outgoing dude.

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Man who loves cooking wants to be intimate

Iam in nairobi. A male at the age of 22. Looking for a sugar mummy of age 30 and above.
I like cooking and driving.plus being very intimate.
My name is Phillip Omondi and i would love to have a woman taking after me..

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Nairobi man will be discreet

Location: Nairobi
Gender: Male
Looking for: Discreet sex
What I like: A lady who loves sex, exploring
What I don't like: A lady that just lies, doesn't react
My false name: Nimimi

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30 yr old Mombasa man seeks woman over 40

Location: Mombasa
Gender: Male (30 years old)
Looking for: Adult, Mature women preferably over 40yrs old
What I like: Licking pussy, sucking nipples, getting Bj, f******, 3some
What I don't like: Dishonesty
My false name: Buddy Love
Real name: (Optional) Elisha
Any other details: (Optional) I love a woman who is down to earth and open to new possibilities. Married or not, am going to do it discretely.

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Man seeking 18-21 yr old

Location: Nairobi
Gender: Male
Looking for: an 18-21 yr old chq
What I like: romancing movies raving, abit of drinkin, n dancing, n quite adventerous
What I don't like: there isnt much that i dnt like, but al let u knw ASAP
My false name: Trix

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music lover seeks serious relationship

Location: Nairobi Kenya
Gender: Male
Looking for: Female for a serious relationship and intimacy
What i like: musik, outgoing.
Dislikes: cheaters
false name: Trivium
Real name: Phillip
Would like to have a down to earth gal for serious relationship to great extent...

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seeks sugarmama for discreet relationship

Looking for:sugarmama for pure discrete sex
What I like:clean wet pussy,a beautiful woman,holding a lady in bed all nite after a f***,kissing alot
What I don't like:ill mannered women,intrution of my space,people who dont mind their own bizness
My false name:blueeyedprityboy
Real name: peter
Any other details:be honest and be yourself,dont act like beyonce around me while you are wanjiru,muhahaha,just a thot

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Mombasa man seeks Big booty

Am in mombasa,am male lookin 4 big ass girl i dont lyke drinkin,smokin i lyke travellin,watch movie,readin magazin,big booty girlz my nik name Moddy ril name Mohamed Ali very adventures

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Man who commutes between Nairobi and Lamu seeks love

actually i either stay in nairobi or lamu mostly lamu bt nau am in
nai.am a dude lukin for mad crazy sex or even love.i like girls n
pussy so much i can even swallow it.i hate liars na maringo.u can call
me grumpy.

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Man seeks lesbians

Location: Nairobi
Gender: Male
Looking for: female and lesbians
What I like: my tongue enjoys every bit of wetness, licking is my habit,and when you need the f******, then you are my guest
What I don't like: chasing so hard, am easy going
My false name: tallmsweet
Real name: (Optional)
Any other details: ( I love lesbians coz i love licking, maybe my tongue is designed for that )

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Dar Man seeks woman

Location: Dar es salaam
Gender: Male
Looking for: a girl, for sex and long term relationship
What i like: hip hop music, chating and studying
what i don't like: gossiping
my false name: xander
education level: university
colour: black.

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Eldoret man seeks older woman

Am peter,frm Eldoret,25yrs,need a woman/lady/sugarmummy 4 descrete sex, i lk making fun n aving sex n all styles.dislikes;i hate a woman using so much mekups.

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Discreet relationship for fun

Location: Nairobi
Gender: Male
Looking for: discreet relationship for fun
What I like: brown, big boobs, mahagah kiasi
What I don't like: skiny women
My false name: nipee tamu

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Kakamega man seeks woman

Kakamega, WESTERN
Gender: MALE
Looking for: LADY(age doesn't matter)
What I like:
What I don't like:
My false name: Mangler
Real name: (Optional) Edward

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Looking for gorgeous female with apple botom

LOCATION:Nairobi,Kenya.GENDER:Male.LOOKING FOR:A gorgeous female with an apple bottom.WHAT I LIKE:Football.WHAT I DONT LIKE:Liars. MY FALSE NAME:Zenden.

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Man seeks woman like Carol Nyege

. Nairobi(location)
. Need a cute lady just Carol Nyege, my fantasy.
. Chatting/flirting
. I hate insults.
. I love everything to do with cute ladies

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Man seeks woman of any age

Location.: mombasa, kenya

Gender: male

looking for: woman of any age but above 18 to have fun with.

What i like: inteligent, good looking, sense of humour and a nice ass.

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Am 33 man seeking 38 yr old woman and above

Location: Nairobi
Looking for: mature women aged between 38 and above looking for a discreet Relationship.
What I like:I like confident and successful women who know how to take care of themselves.
What I don't like: loud mouths and show offs
My false name:mzolex
Any other details: I am 33yrs old.

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City man seeks big booty woman

Location: nairobi
Looking for:sex,flirting
What I like:chx with big ass
What I don't like:skinny shit
My false name:baron

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Male university student seeks long and lasting relationship

...am from Nairobi, definitely a male and a first year student @ Kenyatta University.

Am just looking for a young chick for a long and lasting relationship. It should be about sex, fun and stuff like that.

I like kind, honest, charming, humorous, gorgeous and sweet babes. Complexion aint that big deal but chocolate n brown-skin gurls are cool.

I hate chillez with bitchy attitudes.

My false name...IAN

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Eldoret man seeks woman he can make happy

ELDORET...MALE....LIKE....chatting,having fun,making da nxt person happy...DISLIKE..bragging....NICKNEM..REY......

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Rugby man seeks serious relationship

Location: Donholm, Nairobi
Gender: Male
Looking for: A chiquitta for a serious relationship, aged 18 ama 19 hapo based in Nairobi.
What I like: Honesty and energetic chiquittaz
What I dont Like: Gold Diggerz
False Name: Myke Scrumhalf
Real name: Myke
Details: Student, Rugby player for Homeboyz RFC.

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Mad about movies man seeks date

Looking for:sex
What I like:out, movies
What I don't like:nothing
My false name:baby

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